Here's a question: When you go out to a nice restaurant, what's the first thing the waiter offers you?  Something to drink, right?  And not just "Would you like a drink?"  It's more like, "Here's our wine and beer list; we have a wonderful 2010 Bordeaux available, by the glass or bottle.  We also have several local beers on tap. Enjoy!"

OK, then, when dinner's all finished and you're just enjoying the last bit of dessert, what's the last thing your waiter offers you? (No, not the bill, you cheapskate.  Before that...)  This is usually all you get:  "Would you like a coffee?"  Yep, that's it.  No coffee list; no selection of fresh-roasted single-origin pour-overs; usually it's just "Would you like a coffee?"  At least, that's the standard.  But like Bob Dylan said, the times they are a-changin'...

If you're still with me, then welcome to Caffeic Coffee Roastery! We're a nano-roastery just getting started in the heart of the Rocky Mountains: Helena, Montana.  (For you coffee snobs out there, yes we do roast at well over 4000 feet, which allows for quicker development at lower temps, enhancing flavor intensity while avoiding baking and scorching and blah blah blah.  But that's for later.)

For now, thanks for stopping by!  In this introductory post, I'd like to briefly explain our mission.  In future posts I'll elaborate further on our organizational structure, and highlight the various goings-on in one or another of these topic areas.  But for now, just the mission:

Our Mission

  1. Develop and share fresh, high-quality, roasted coffee.  For more on how we discovered delicious "third-wave" coffee, see our story.  Our number one goal is to produce repeatably awesome coffee for all our fellow coffee-lovers in Helena and beyond.
  2. Create and grow a local family business.  Rayna and I love raising our four children together, but other than that we haven't worked together on any big projects in a while.  With Caffeic, we're excited to pursue a mutual passion together, and our kids are looking forward to getting involved in various ways as well. (Check us out on Instagram which our budding photographer daughter Elise is excited to take charge of...)
  3. Have a positive impact on local culture.  Helena, Montana has been a wonderful place to raise our family: our best friends are here, our church family is here, along with some great local coffeeshops as well.  We'd love to get more involved in local culture and help make Helena even better!  (Which gets back to my question at the beginning of this post.  Lucca's, Bella Roma, On Broadway, how about it?)

So that's it!  We want to make great coffee, as a family team, and positively impact local culture along the way.  We'd love to partner with you in any way which advances that mission!

(Oh, and when can you start buying coffee at www.caffeic.coffee?  Within 2 months we should be selling at the local farmer's market; maybe online about that same time.  But if you're a Helena local and you know me personally, just shoot me an email; guaranteed we'll have piles of coffee to give away in the next couple of months on the condition that you give us your honest feedback.  I'd love to hear from you!)