Hi there, thanks for stopping by!  Since you’re reading this, I’m going to assume two things about you: 1) you love good coffee, and 2) you want to know more about Jesus.  I also love good coffee, and I also want to know more about Jesus.  So I'm here to encourage you in both of those interests!  If you’re looking for more info about Caffeic, please check out  If you're hear to learn more about Jesus, read on!

Who is Jesus?

Jesus was born about 2000 years ago, in a small Middle-eastern country known today (and back then) as Israel.  He is the single most well-known and influential person in all of history.  Even 2000-and-some years later, people around the world count time based on the years from when Jesus was on earth.

Jesus said and did huge audacious things that no human has ever said or done before or since.

What did Jesus say?

Jesus had a lot to say about God.  He said that there is one God, that God can do anything; that God created everything, including people with a perfect order and harmony, but that we humans have corrupted God's created order.  But, Jesus taught that God still cares deeply about even the smallest happenings in this world, from flowers to birds to (especially) people, even people who don't care about God.

Jesus also said a lot about people, and human nature.  He said that God has ultimate authority over every person, and that each of us will ultimately be judged by God for our words, actions, and attitudes.  He said that humans do not cease to exist when we die, but either go to be with God forever, or go to an awful, lonely, place of eternal punishment.  What's more, Jesus said that only complete perfection will get us in to the good place, and that we humans, as imperfect sinners, are all in fact enslaved by sin and naturally headed towards the bad place.

I know it's pretty bleak so far.  But here's the good news: Jesus said some great things about himself.  He made huge audacious claims about himself that no one had ever made before.  He said that he was sent by God to rescue anyone who knows they need rescuing, and to pay the infinite punishment that we each deserve for breaking God's law (i.e. for sinning).  Jesus said, in fact, that he himself could forgive sin, which is something only God can do.  He said that he was God.  He said not only that he can rescue people, but that he is willing to rescue, and that he is the ONLY way to be rescued.

 What Did Jesus Do?

This is crazy talk, right?  In fact, it’s obvious from Jesus’ words that he was either completely true, or he was crazy.  So to prove that he was actually telling the truth, and not a madman, Jesus backed up his claims with actions.  Jesus miraculously healed people; he walked on water; he told a fierce storm to stop, and it did.  He even brought dead people back to life.  Finally, after he was tortured and executed by the political and religious leaders of the day, he gave the ultimate proof of his power by bringing himself back to life again!  And not just a “barely hanging on, dragging himself back to his friends who nursed him back to life” kind of resurrection.  He came back to life with a power and presence like no one had ever seen before.  He told his followers that he had completely conquered the spiritual forces at work in the world, and he sent them out to share the good news with everyone.

Where is Jesus Now?

After Jesus defeated death, he spent some time with his friends and then told them that he was going back to heaven for a while but he promised to return.  Jesus’ friends were completely convinced that this was all true; so convinced that they immediately did what he asked, enduring the worst situations to tell everyone about Jesus.  The good news about Jesus has been spreading around the world ever since, which is how I heard about Jesus 2000 years later, on the other side of the world, in a place Jesus’ friends probably had never even heard about.


If you’re thinking right now, “I don’t know about that”, I don't blame you.  Jesus said and did unbelievable things, and you're not the only one who's been skeptical.  But if you’re still reading this, that means you're interested enough that you owe it to yourself to read the history of Jesus in his own words.  Soon after Jesus left this earth, several of his followers recorded their memories of him in a collection of writings known as “the Gospels”.  Any one of these gospels are a great place to learn more about Jesus.  I've linked extensively to those writings above, or you can start hereherehere, or here and read them yourself.  They're not very long; brew yourself some good coffee, find a comfy spot, and read any one (or all 4) of these. I promise you will not be disappointed.