Our Story

As a software engineer and a veterinarian, you could say we're both kinda science geeks. So after discovering good coffee (Scott via the patient tutelage of two great friends, and Rayna on a mission trip to Peru), we thought we'd take a stab at recreating those delicious brews for ourselves.  As usual, we've carried this well past the "hobby" level. Here's our Caffeic mission:  

Our Mission

  1. Roast and share fresh, high-quality coffee.  Our number one goal is to roast and share repeatably awesome coffee with all our fellow coffee-lovers.
  2. Grow a family business.  Other than raising our 4 children, it's been a while since we've worked on a project together.  With our kids growing up, it has been exciting to teach them the nuts and bolts of running a small business as well as give them opportunities to work, earn money, and contribute their own ideas.
  3. Have a positive impact on others.  We love coffee, but even more than that, we love people!  Our goal at Caffeic is to build relationships with others and to enrich the lives of each and every person we interact with.  

So that's it!  We want to roast great coffee, grow a family business, and positively impact other people along the way.  We'd love to partner with you in any way which advances that mission!